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Our Timber Cabins are constructed of sturdy Tongue & Groove solid walls in quality SATAS approved timber with a Zincal, Corrugated Profile Roofing. Other roofing options are available on enquiry (see Roof Sheeting under Optional Extras).

We take pride in efficient and professional installation on any landscape throughout KZN. Kit form Cabins are available in certain sizes (contact us for more info). GR Cabins has no boundaries, we customise should our standard Cabin sizes not suit your needs. Call today and our friendly staff will assist you.

No foundation is required for installing of timber houses. This makes an ideal solution for difficult landscapes. The ground must be level and firm in order for the cabin to go onto bricks. Should your ground be sloping, a stilted base will be required. A additional space of approximately 0.5m is required on all sides of your Cabin for the installation and future maintenance.

It is the client’s responsibility should plans / engineers certificates be required by the local municipality.

Large Standard Cabin Product Range

Click the plans below to see each item in the large standard cabin range.

Leisure Cabin ±21m²

Leisure Cabin ±21m² with Internal Partition

Bedsitter Unit ±26m²

Two Rooms with Ablution ±26m²

Classroom with ablution 30.24m²

Garden cabin ±37m²

1 Bedroom Cottage 39m²

1 Bedroom Cottage 48m²

2 Bedroom Cottage 39m²

2 Bedroom Cottage 52m²

2 Bedroom Cottage 63m²

2 Bedroom Cottage 71m²

2 Bedroom Cottage 74m²

2 Bedroom Cottage 87m²

3 Bedroom Cottage 74m²

3 Bedroom Cottage 104m²

3 Bedroom Cottage 115m²

4 Bedroom Cottage 104m²

Please note the images may not always be up to date or accurate.

Confirm current cabin images with our sales team. 

Small Standard Cabin Product Range

See our small standard cabin range options below.

Find the right cabin using the cabin size guide. See the window size legend below.

Kids Playhouse 2 150×150
Khawar 150×150
SAM 2289 150×150
Cabin 3x3x2.1wh 150×150
Kids Playhouse Painted 150×150
Store Rooms 150×150

Cabin Sizes

Click the arrows (next/previous) to see more options.

Cottage Pane Pine Window Specs

  • NE1 – 4 Pane Single Opening (580H x 480W)
  • NE2 – 4 Pane Double Opening (580H x 920W)
  • NC1 – 6 Pane Single Opening (810H x 480W)
  • NC2 – 6 Pane Double Opening (810H x 920W)
  • NC3 – 6 Pane Triple, Double Opening with Centre Fixed (810H x 1360W)

Optional Extras

Click the plans below to see each item in the large standard cabin range.

Roof Sheet Options

Galvanized / Zincal Corrugated Iron

(Must be left to oxidize for three months before painting)

Chromodek / Colour Bond / Colour Plus Roofing

(maintenance free)

Gr Cabins Colour Plus

Roof Insulation Options

Polystyrene Insulation

(Standard on the larger Cabins)


Isopine Insulation


Wall Options

Tongue & Groove Flat Profile


Tongue & Groove Bevel Profile (Half Rounds)


Windows Options

Cottage Pane Pine Frames

Various Sizes


Aluminium Frames

Various Sizes


Door Options

Standard Solid or Stable Doors (Tongue & Groove or Hardwood)

Internal Masonite Doors (Standard / Sliding)

Sliding Doors (Cottage Pane Pine / Aluminium)

Customised (Roller Doors)













Veranda and Deck

Can be added to any Cabin

(Apex / Lean-to)


Steps & Handrail

Steps can only be measured and quoted once your cabin or stilted base has been erected.


Stilted Bases

Stilted bases are recommended for all larger Cabins and for any Cabins installed where the ground slopes more than 300mm from the highest to lowest point. Stilted bases are a separate structure onto which the Cabin is installed. All stilted bases are made from CCA treated timber.

Please note GR Cabins will not be held responsible or accountable for damages to any underground piping / electrical wiring whilst installing the stilted base. Should the client be aware of any underground piping / electrical wiring, it is their responsibility to bring it to our attentions at the site inspection.

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